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Matrix Regeneration Therapy (MRT)

Like all other creatures on the planet, man is designed to ingest foreign substances, decompose them and (in part) convert them to bodily structural components: in the process, a certain amount of energy is also generated. This is the mission of the metabolic system. Since foreign substances can seldom be 100% utilized, some residue is inevitably produced in the form of waste products. Normally, the organism is prepared for this and excretes them into the intestines in the bile. However, the organism’s excretory capacity quickly reaches its limits if too much waste-product-rich food (ex. Animal protein) is consumed. But even this situation has been anticipated: the organism uses its storage depots (fatty or connective tissue) as a temporary holding area. This is normally only intended to be a stopgap solution, since early man alternated between feast and famine. Only later did a problem arise due to the ever reliable food supply provided by evolving social systems: the storage depots were not getting emptied out anymore.But social and cultural developments compensated for this by introducing religious fasting periods, which provided for regular purification (cleaning out the depots). But there has always been individual variation. Thus, efficient excretes differ from poor ones in that the poor ones suffer more from depot-clogging ailments such as rheumatism or gout. Therefore, early in the development of the medical arts, practices arose which were aimed at bringing the organism’s “evil humours” under control. These diversion procedures include proper diet, bloodletting, and leech’s purgative measures, cupping and sweating. Not until recently has scientific research been able to discover the relevant patho physiological connections. These include, first of all, work on the basic system, begun by Piscinger and continued to this day, resulting in ever more significant findings.

Today we view the basic system-the matrix-as an independent organ system, with supply, protective waste disposal functions for the highly-specialized organ cells. All diseases, particularly those that have come to the fore in modern times are traceable to functional disorders in this system. Besides the waste products which would be generated anyway, the “blessings” of our times now include the added burdens of heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides, as well as chemical residues all of which likewise accumulate mostly in the basic system. But cleansing the organism of these in part highly toxic substances is not easy; since the body’s enzymatic systems were not designed to cope with these poisons. Our body’s enzymes were developed during the course of our evolution and were adapted to environmental conditions which used to remain very constant. In a very short period of time, the chemical industry has managed to create over 7 million environmental toxins which the organism does not know how to metabolize and so can only store. The functional disorders that these substances cause which range from a slight burden all the way to total blockage, provides the organic bases for severe chronic diseases. The point of departure for treating these increasingly frequent severe ailments cannot just consist of re-establishing normal organ function, without, as a top priority, getting the matrix function on its feet again. This applied to all chronic diseases from rheumatism to MS, arthrosis to cardiac insufficiency, allergy to cancer, in other words, the therapist has the obligation of thoroughly detoxifying every chronically ill patient and restoring the matrix function.
But how is this done?

Thanks to Aschner, tried and true diversion methods dating from the Middle Ages have been revived. These are explained in detail in his book. These methods have been tried and they work. The problem is that the modern “enlightened” patient expects something quite different, and few would probably put up with, say, the application of leeches. For this reason, a combination therapy has been developed which works with modern options and can be integrated into any practice or clinic. It is easy to learn and can by completely delegated, i.e. to assistants.

Matrix Regeneration Therapy (MRT) is a combination of:

• Petechial suction massage, a modern form of cupping
• DC (direct current ) treatment
• Bioresonance Therapy, here in the form of Subtraction Losch Therapy (SLT)

The effective principle is that under pressure (a partial vacuum) mechanically looses clogged deposits and toxins in the tissues and diverts them via the lymph capillaries. The simultaneous application of direct current causes the tissues to reverse polarity or to charge equalization – a prerequisite for orderly cell repolarisation. Since matter always exhibits two aspects, the material (physical) and the energetic, waste products cannot just be considered in their material aspect. In fact, in our body’s complexly oscillating systems, they act as “jammers” that can significantly disrupt the flow and exchange of information. This leads – among other things to an irrigation of the neuronal system which is tightly coupled to the hormonal system. Besides hormonal disorders, then, vegetative regulatory problems can arise, starting from the pituitary gland. This leads in turn to regulatory chaos, which oftentimes creates the basis for allergies. There is good reason why our modern epidemic continues to widen in scope.

Using Boiresonance Therapy, the MRT device extinguishes the toxins pathological frequencies, thereby relieving the oscillatory system. This way, both the material and the energetic aspects are fully dealt with. The three finely matched components are likewise a reason for the great effectiveness of this modern matrix detoxification and regeneration procedure. MRT device and its accessory components: suction probe, clip on electrodes, suction pump.
During treatment, the patient lies relaxed, on his stomach. Four clip-on electrodes are attached to his hands and feet, in addition the DC counter electrodes are placed under the stomach. For the next 20 minutes first the left side, then the right, will be gone over slowly with the head end of the therapeutic attachment, which consists of the suction probe and two rollers which glide over the skin. At the end, the spinal column is gone over lengthwise. This is the standard procedure which is preformed for every patient. Depending on the indication, other body regions might be treated as well, e.g. abdomen, major joints, thighs, etc. Delegated, when suitable, to assistants. At the same time, reddening of the skin permits diagnostic conclusions to be drawn. The treatments are usually spaced one per week over a six -week period. In severe cases, treatment can be extended over a longer period at larger intervals.
The patients usually find the treatments to very agreeable and relaxing, even though the suction is accompanied by some pain. However, the suction strength can be adjusted on an individual basis. Initially, children are treated without suction, i.e. only Bioresonance Therapy and direct current, gradually intensifying the treatment over time. This is also done for hypersensitive patients.

The tissues are the treatment region become stronger and firmer with each treatment and pain sensitivity diminishes markedly. Furthermore, one can note a very rapid diminution of the reddened skin streaks-which might, at the outset, have been suffused with blood (petechias) and been visible for days afterwards-along the treatment path: a sign of advancing tissue regeneration. The strengthening of the connective tissue also shows up indirectly, since venous problems (varicose veins accompanied by congestive symptoms) typically abate during the course of treatment, even though these are not directly being treated. The loosening of back musculature which accompanies every treatment session also eliminates stress-induced pain, whereof acute lumbago or sciatica- or tension headaches, also- were welcome indication for acute treatment. The patient comes in and, after half an hour, goes home again. When treating chronically ill patients, it often happens that (sometimes very) long ago complaints remerge. This “layers of the onion” effect, this turning back of the biological clock, and the organism’s renewed confrontation with chronic stresses is a sure sign of natural healing. This effect can be observed with the most diverse clinical pictures depending mainly on the individual constitution. This therefore means that, in many cases, matrix Regeneration Therapy alone initiates the healing reaction, that many chronic diseases can thus heal “by the by” as a side effect, as it were of the application of this method (which can be performed by an assistant).

This is also the reason why the clinics and practices which use this form of treatment, successfully, cannot even conceive of doing without it anymore. But even when this therapy is not by itself enough, it can be used in conjunction with all other naturopathic forms of therapy, in fact increasing their effectiveness considerably. For example, chiropractic therapy (which is more effective with a relaxed back), disturbance field treatments, neural therapy and even homeopathy (which can take hold much better when the terrain has been cleansed beforehand) are all made more effective.

MRT opens up the organism in a beneficial manner. Regulatory ability is dramatically improved, blockades are removed, the lymphatic system is activated and the immune system stimulated. All of these positive effects happen simultaneously during each treatment. No other form of therapy can claim this. And yet, the treatment is simple and can be performed with no great effect. This is what makes it a modern beneficial therapeutic instrument.

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