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Diagnostic Testing: Helps the physician develop a program to achieve optimal vitamin and mineral balances.
Blood Sugar
Blood Type
Body Composition
Body Mass Index (BMI)

Vitamin/Mineral Deficiency


IgG Food Sensitivity Testing
Inhalant Allergy Testing (Blood) : Trees, grasses, weeds and molds
Scratch Testing - Inhalant Allergies

Standard Blood Testing – Tests provided include Organ function, tumor markers, chemistry, cholesterol, complete blood count (CBC), thyroid, anaemia and anti-aging panels, special tests.

Standard Hormone Testing (Blood)
Useful for detecting hormone imbalances in both men and women.

Saliva Hormone Testing
Useful for hormonal evaluation of adrenal (cortisol), thyroid (Ft3, T4, TSH, ABO, PO) and male and female hormone levels.

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment -> - Useful for detecting abnormalities relating to heart and vascular disease.

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA) -> - This test is both qualitative and quantitative and deals primarily with bowel testing for conditions such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and parasites.

Hair analysis ->
Determines the presence or absence of essential nutrients and minerals, and specific toxic minerals.

Heavy Metal Testing ->

Using urine testing it is easy to pinpoint which heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, lead, uranium and others are in the body.

Tumor Markers
Used to help diagnose cancer, predict a patient’s response to particular therapies, check a patient’s response to treatment or determine if the cancer has returned.

Affiliated Laboratories:
Analytical Research Lab ->
Diagnos-Techs, Inc. ->
Doctor’s Data, Inc. ->
Immunosciences Lab., Inc. ->
Meridian Valley Laboratory ->
Metametrix Clinical Laboratory ->
NeuroScience ->
Rocky Mountain Analytical ->
Spectracell Laboratories ->

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