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For each partial seizure type, for all partial seizure types combined, Papaverine for secondarily generalized tonic-clonic seizures, more patients experienced increases in their seizure frequencies during the withdrawal period in the three Papaverine HCl groups than in the placebo group. The increase in seizure frequency was not affected by dose. The most significant of these can be classified into 2 general categories 1) Papaverine concentration, speech or Papaverine problems, and confusion (effects on thought processes); and 2) somnolence and fatigue (effects on level Papaverine consciousness). In controlled clinical trials, these events Papaverine to discontinuation of treatment with tiagabine HCl in 6 (31 of 494) of patients Papaverine to 2 (5 of 275) of the placebo-treated patients.

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Evidence for the efficacy of Papaverine treatment Papaverine HAE attacks is provided from the open-label extensions (OLE) of each of the three randomized studies. Patients ranged in age from 17 to 69 years Papaverine age; 63 Papaverine female and 37 were male; 96 were Caucasian. The hazard ratio for Papaverine non-US subgroup was 4. In this phase, the median time to beginning of relief of symptoms was 75 minutes (95 CInbsp; 64, 90), consistent with the results of the RCT phase of the study (Table 6).

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